Do you have an idea for a creative project? Do you wish you had some support to make it happen?

Let's work together to plan, budget, and execute your next creative move so it builds momentum in your business and brand!

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is looking to get a specific creative project off the ground 

is overwhelmed with
creative ideas

wishes they had the time, space, and energy to execute all their creative ideas

is stuck in decision fatigue 

wishes their creative projects built momentum in their business 

is ready to stand out in their 

wants a pair of fresh eyes on their brand and business 

is ready to stop cutting corners when creating

desires a creative "producer" to take all their ideas and make them happen 

is struggling to identify their unique creative voice and brand 

What kinds of projects might need a little help from &arts?

A branding or product photoshoot.
An event or launch party. 

An online product launch. 

A book or retreat tour.

A media or entertainment
project: podcast, book, media kit, online course.

Branding and art direction for your business or product line.

Are you a creative entrepreneur or business owner?
Do you wear many creative "hats?"
 Have you ever uttered the words:
"That's such a cool idea,  but I don't want to manage all of that."

Executing different creative projects fills me with so much joy! I love working and collaborating with other creative humans to bring their
visions to life and make beautiful work.

 I would love to support your creative project and help you manage all the moving parts!  As passionate creatives, our hands, hearts, and heads  can sometimes be overwhelmed by projects and ideas. Hiring a Creative Director can help you avoid creative burnout, while still bringing your creative ideas to life! 

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"Before working with Jacqueline, I was feeling a clear desire to write my book, but felt blocked around how to begin, where to start, and what the concept was."

Jacqueline supported me to connect with the version of myself who is already a successful author, develop a clear and actionable creative process that felt aligned for ME to write my book, and helped me create space for the ideas to flow through about the structure and content of this project. Jacqueline is a brilliant, inquisitive, and highly attuned expert in her craft, and is someone you definitely want in your corner and behind-the-scenes of any creative project you may have as a business owner. Her attention to detail and devotion to her work, and therefore your work, is unparalleled. 


"Jacqueline is a brilliant spark! She catalyzes artistic growth in others, and offers caring critique and cultivation."

Jacqueline uses her patience and intuition to help direct artistic pursuits onto their natural course. I felt like she helped take ideas that have been in my head for years and channel them into a practical framework. Jacqueline helped me breeze through some challenges I'd been avoiding for years surrounding my web presence. She helped me carve out an aesthetic ideal for my brand that I could use across my social media channels, namely Youtube. Her solutions felt inspired, connected and in tune with my artistic goals. Feeling ready for the next step!


"Jacqueline helped me gain so much clarity on my vision and the creative direction I wanted to take my brand and company in."

Jacqueline helped me set up a mood board, asked me intimate questions about how I saw my business and helped me create a pathway of understanding for what I wanted people to see, feel, and relate to when it came to my branding, and even overall my messaging and vision for my business. Jacqueline helped me gain so much clarity on my vision and the creative direction I wanted to take my brand and company in. I changed my mind and my mood on the direction so many times, and she never gave up on me or my vision or trying to understand it all. She's patient, kind, hilarious, and I so appreciated that she never gave up on me trying to bring my branding dreams to life!


"I would recommend Jacqueline to any artist or creative spirit looking to grow and build their portfolio. She diversified my repertoire immensely."

I am not the most organized person and I tend to get overwhelmed if I have to manage anything outside of my own creative design. Jacque was so unbelievably thorough from organizing meetings between all collaborators to assisting with on site design choices. Without her, the preparation and day of process would have been a mess. She literally thought of everything and made use of every moment we had (fighting daylight, I might add). I cannot recommend her enough. She is brilliant.