Creative Direction 


Work 1:1 with Jacqueline to infuse your business or newest project with inspiration, innovation, and intuitive creative direction.

A 6 month Creative Coaching experience for the artist wanting to build a sustainable career in their craft.  cHOOSE BETWEEN two tiers of supportive offerings to take the next step in your artistic life!


I am a Philly based Artist, Creative Director, and the Founder of &arts! My journey to building &arts bloomed from my love of working with performing artists, and is rooted in my dedication and mission to help artists and creatives achieve their best work. &arts provides creative direction and strategy to artists, artprenuers, and entrepreneurs building big ideas, projects, or lives. I use my 18+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, as well as my background in Theatre and Social Work to serve artists and creatives of all types. Here you will find what you need to make your big creative life happen: creative coaching, creative direction, & creative space. 

I am passionate about directing artists and creatives on their path, and providing them with the support and tools needed to build sustainable creative careers! &arts will help you develop your (internal and external) creative process, unlock your creative potential, overcome creativity blocks, and translate your creative vision into strategy, action steps, and projects. If you join in on the fun, you will gain the community, tools, advocacy, accountability, and techniques needed to achieve your creative ambitions!

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Ahmad Mansour | Performer

"I cannot stress enough how grateful I am that a service like &arts exists. If you are an artist, or a creative, you would benefit exponentially from utilizing this service to open your mind and expand your horizons."

Jacqueline used her services to help me compartmentalize my thoughts, goals, and practices. She gave me a stronger perspective of self, and helped me find self-assurance. She used her expertise in the entertainment industry to guide me not only through a consistent checklist of practices to succeed, but also to express myself personally, on an artistic level.

Maddie Sachs | Performing Artist

"100% Jacqueline was the missing piece to my success I didn’t know I needed. She’s a brilliant, essential teammate for artists!"

I was having trouble generating creative energy and ways to support my creative career and lifestyle. I didn’t feel like I was making progress and didn’t know how to change that. Jacqueline helped me form a daily practice, advocated for me and my work, provided resources to improve my work and daily life, celebrated my accomplishments with me, and helped me dig deep to set short and long terms goals to get me where I want to go. I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS WOMAN!

amanda st. maur | artist + healer

"Jacqueline is a great coach; she is gifted in ways that fill the gaps for other creative entrepreneurs needing experienced guidance, and she brings together an amazing community of artists that share resources and support each other."

In just a few sessions, I already feel more confident that my many creative passions are meant to speak through my business in a unique way that Jacqueline can help guide me toward discovering and implementing, especially as I go through the process of discovering who I really am as both a business owner and an artist. She meets me where I’m at each session, so we can set realistic expectations, and be honest about what’s possible as I move toward bigger goals, and I leave our sessions feeling supported and motivated. With her background as a Creative Director, I think of Jacqueline as guiding you toward your artistic vision and helping you become the Creative Director of Your Own Life!

Carly Broutman | Dancer

"I feel much more prepared to succeed in the dance community after my sessions with Jacqueline!"

I would definitely recommend &arts to others! I think that any artist who feels like they're struggling should take the time to see where they can improve, and Jacqueline really helped me do that. Jacqueline gave me ideas about how to go about my creativity issues in ways that can help me re-spark my imagination. I'm ready to move forward, thanks to the advice and solutions that Jacqueline gave me! 

Blake RamÍREZ-Centurión | Director 

"My experience working with Jacqueline was refreshing and inspiring. It allowed me to believe in myself again!" 

I loved that Jacqueline was able to tailor her services to my needs. I have seen the "one size fits all" approach, and this is not that. It is a refreshing change. Jacqueline is someone who is ready to be in your corner, with the resources to propel you into your future. She's a great resource and teammate to make things happen. I feel like I have an idea of how to move forward. I feel heard and seen. I feel ready to continue to cultivate my relationship with my creativity. 

Kiefer Otto | Creator

"Jacqueline has literally been a godsend to me. I have such a better understanding of myself as an artist, what my industry looks like, and how I should navigate it!"

Jacqueline has really gone above and beyond to help me with creative and personal work to ensure that all facets of my life are balanced! The stereotypes society puts on artists make it hard to make our careers a reality. Jacqueline is consistently working to break those barriers, and she is your greatest advocate. You can always feel the overwhelming support she provides which I think to most artists... feels strange. And I'll be honest, it does feel strange, but it's the best kind of strange I've ever felt!

Cory Doman | Actress & Curator

"Jacqueline is a motivator and an expert. She helps you break your goals down into small achievable steps."

I was experiencing imposter syndrome within my craft. Jacqueline helped me get to the root of my insecurities and created an action plan catered to my needs. Working with Jacqueline was fantastic. Part of her approach is taking the stress of the unknown off, and opening up new avenues for you. She can identify qualities that you bring to the table and transform your own perspective on them in a valuable way. She listens. She evaluates. She makes a tangible plan customized to you. She cares.

Shaun Leisher | DRAMATURG

"I think everyone needs a Creativity Coach and I think Jacqueline's approach makes her such a unique and welcome voice to anyone's creative endeavors."

I was attempting to write an effective artist statement but was unable to put in the best words of how I describe the plethora of things I do as a dramaturg and what I specifically bring to the new play development process. Jacqueline asked the questions I needed to consider to put what I do in words and gave me the encouragement I needed stop downplaying my skills and what I bring to the creative process. I left our session knowing that I came in on the right track and left with suggestions for some tweaks and shifts of perspective on how I present myself as an artist.